Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blast from the Wired Past 

wow, I found this goofing around on the Web... hard to believe it's almost 11 years old.

I guess it just goes to show that the insanity began early, and that where you start out is often where you end up.

I was working in the Philippines at the time, and had left my beloved PowerBook 165 (or was it a 145b?) home in Toronto because I thought it might get stolen or that I might not actually really need it. Sure enough, by the end of August, my fingers had gotten a bit twitchy and it was time for some PowerBooking.

Of course, I sent a postcard to Wired magazine lamenting my situation and they deemed it crazy enough to actually print in issue 3.12. I think it qualifies for the "raves" part of th "rants and raves" section. ;-)

"Fetish Fever"

I've been traveling for three months, and, oh, god, I missed your magazine. Then the unmistakable logo caught my eye at a newsstand in the Philippines. My neurons tingled in anticipation as I tore the plastic sleeve off to caress the smooth, glossy pages. Gently, I laid the issue down on a clear spot on the bench beside me and leafed through to your aptly titled Fetish section, which filled my materialistic heart with technolust.

"I need a computer!"

I screamed inside, my fingers itching for the tactile ecstasy of a keyboard and trackpad. I want to get home, flip open my PowerBook, and listen to my baby hum, the RAM sizzle, the hard drive spin, and the keys go click, click, click, as I sit bathed in the pale phosphorescence of the screen in the surrounding darkness. It's hell on my retinas, but I just love that 4-in-the-morning-and-still-clocking-40-words-a-minute feeling.

Damien Fox

Manila, Philippines


Rants and Raves 3.12

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