Monday, January 30, 2006

Wireless Nomad Makes Now Magazine List of Tech 2005 Top 10 

Wireless Nomad Co-Op, a subscriber-owned ISP I work with in Toronto, made it on to Now Magazine's list of top 10 technologies for 2005, their "Tech 2005 Top 10."

From the magazine's web site:

Tech 2005 Top 10 list #5: FREE WI-FI

Cities around the world have begun to reimagine Internet access as a utility rather than an upper-middle-class privilege. Philadelphia, San Francisco, even the island of Mauritius are on their way to becoming wireless and totally free. NYC Wireless and Montreal's Isle Sans Fils have made headlines for popularizing the feasibility of free wireless for everybody. Toronto has its own grassroots Wi-Fi community in the hands of local upstarts Wireless Toronto and Wireless Nomad, both offering community service."


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