Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Putting the Napster Genie Back in the Bottle- HAHAHA! 

"Putting the Napster Genie Back in the Bottle"
New York Times (11/20/05) P. 3-1; Hansell, Saul
"File-sharing service Grokster plans to introduce peer-to-peer technology by the end of the year that will monitor the file-trading of copyrighted works, and force the file-swapper to pay for a song or block the attempt to download the content directly on another computer. The technology that Grokster will use was been developed by Snocap, the new company of Shawn Fanning, 25, who developed Napster seven years ago while he was a student at Northeastern University in Boston."

These guys have about as much of a chance of stopping peer-to-peer file sharing as a cow does of flying over the moon.

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