Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dissected lies of a Canadian recording industry shill 

Dissected lies of a Canadian recording industry shill
This week, the Canadian Recording Industry Association had its bid to indiscriminately force ISPs to reveal their subscribers' personal information on the mere say-so of a rightsholder. Seeking to contain the crushing defeat of justice, the head of the CRIA gave a press interview where he attempted to spin this as some kind of victory for his side. Michael Geist has fact-checked his ass, revealing the lies and delusions that this shill told the press:
"The judge has determined that uploading, downloading, it's illegal."
Actually, the court did no such thing. Concluding its copyright discussion at paragraph 54, the court says:

"I make no such findings here and wish to make it clear that if this case proceeds further, it should be done on the basis that no findings to date on the issue of infringement have been made."


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