Monday, November 15, 2004

P2P MythTV: RSS, bittorrent, TV + remote for couch-lovin' fun 

What do you get when you put together RSS, bit torrent, your television and a remote control?

Caveat: you need a functioning MythTV installation to make it work-- but it's still a lot smarter than everyone digitizing analog content separately.

What would the CRTC say about this? Internet rebroadcasting is not allowed in Canada (JumpTV), but when that was decided the rebroadcasters were adding their own advertising content to the network TV programming. While this system is clearly a threat to the distribution model used by cable companies and other television broadcasters, it's not so obvious it's actually a threat to their wider business model and revenues. Really, should Rogers Cable care if customers want to record shows and advertisements together, save them for later, then send them to other people? As long as the ads are in place and being watched, it seems kind of like P2P would be doing Rogers' distribution work for them.

LINK: www.torrentocracy.com

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