Monday, October 25, 2004

NoSoftwarePatents.com Launches Campaign Against EU Software Patents 

A new campaign against software patents in the EU was launched today in 12 languages at www.NoSoftwarePatents.com. (Munich, Germany 20 October 2004).

"Software patents are used for anti-competitive purposes, stifle innovation, and would cost the entire economy and society dearly", Florian Müller said. "On the bottom line, they create more injustice than justice. There is only a small group of people in the patent system who would benefit from them, and some large American corporations have ulterior motives. The public interest must prevail because every European citizen, every European company and every European government would end up paying a high price for such a monumental mistake."

As digital copyright Canada points out, "In Canada we await the promised public publishing this month of Chapter 26 of the Manual of Patent Office Practices drafted for the review of computer implemented inventions and business methods." patenting software makes about as much sense as trying to patent any other math formula-- That is, it doesn't make any sense at all. Allowing software patents opens the floodgates to the patenting of almost anything that can be represented by any mathematical symbols. There's plenty of evidence that the existing level of patenting is already a large drag on innovation and productivity, so it's hard to see how thousands more patents will do us (citizens and businesses alike) much good.

LINK: http://nosoftwarepatents.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2

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