Monday, October 04, 2004

Massive victory at WIPO! 

Massive victory at WIPO!
"For years now, progressive elements and copyfighters have been trying to get the UN's World Intellectual Property Organization to start thinking about ways of promoting creativity and development instead of just IP... at the general session of the WIPO in Geneva this weekend, the Assembly as adoped a decision to put development and the promotion of creativity front-and-center in its goals. That means that from now on, WIPO isn't an organization that blindly supports more IP no matter what, but rather one that seeeks to improve the world by whatever tool is best suited to the job."

Myabe... but it still seems that it's called the World intellectual Property Organization, and with so-called intellectual property so central in its very name, it's probably still a long way off from becoming a strong supporter of public domain creation and sharing-based innovation. A large step for a further backwards organization, only a very small step so far for the world at large.

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