Sunday, March 21, 2004

Infringement on steroids

as if the movie studios and recording execs weren't paranoid enough, these incredible guys have created an online archive of the front and back cover art of almost every compact disc album and DVD release ever, freely downloadable as a jpeg. of course, the linear shelf space of any decent DVD movie collection is enormous if actually stored in those over-sized black plastic boxes... but if you're going to do it the 1980's way, might as well have it look good, eh? LINK: http://cdcovers.cc/

addendum: these guys are registered in the keeling islands, also known as the cocos islands, which are located about 900 kilometers west and a little bit south of Christmas island in the Indian Ocean. For those who care, Christmas island is about 500 km due south of Singapore, and appears to be an Australian protectorate of some kind. LINK: http://www.cocos-tourism.cc/images/location/lloc.gif

Bruce Sterling probably had this kind of thing in mind when he wrote his novel Islands in the Net, way back when.

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